Swallow Tail Creative Team

Chef Robin KortRobin Kort – Chef/Sommelier/Forager/Owner

A native Vancouverite who grew up slaving in the cities bustling restaurant scene.  She’s worked with some of the cities best chefs from Hawksworth,  Andrea Carlson of Burdock & Co, Wildebeests Jacob Deacon-Evans, Campagnolo’s chef Ted Anderson.  Her sommelier studies were under the wise Barb Phillips (Master of Wine).   In the vineyards, she happily nursed the vines of Venturi-Schulze Winery to complete her wine training.  She is a member of the Vancouver Mycological society and has been running wild mushroom foraging trips and cooking classes for 6 years.  Swallow Tail was created to unite these passions; cooking, drinking, foraging, friends and the great outdoors.   Chef Robin has been interviewed on the Food Network with Bob Blummer, CBC with Steven Quinn, Montecristo Magazine, Vancouver Magazine, the Huffington Post, Conde Nast Traveller and the Globe and Mail.

AnnMarie MacKinnon – Staff Writer

AnnMarie is a writer and editor based in Vancouver. Her love of food began with stealing and eating carrots from the garden and feeding the pigs on her grandparent’s farm on Cape Breton Island.

Current culinary obsessions are experimenting with duck confit and brewing beer.




Julius Petz – Customer Relations

Julius grew up in very small communities eating much local and home grown food.  Although being a rather fussy eater at a young age he now thoroughly enjoys all things food, especially grilling and experimenting with recipes.  Oh and Beer and wine and scotch, and….



chefhatOur Collaborating Chefs

Swallow Tail’s underground dining events incorporate star chefs from around Vancouver to create our menus and events.

Past and present collaborators: Chef Jacob Deacon-Evans (Wildebeest),  Hawksworth, Andrea Carlson (Bishops, Burdock&Co), Ted Anderson (Roma, Campagnolo), Jane Cornborough (L’Abattoir), Shelley Robinson (Diva at the Met), Pastry Chef Brooke Lodge (Cocolico), Alvin Pillay (Bluebird), Jamie Huynh (Farmer’s Apprentice), Eddy Myselweic (our lovely Michelin starred guest chef from France)