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Confused in the Aisles – How to choose a great Balsamic

A good, aged, traditional balsamic vinegar is like the blood of the Gods. Combine that with ripe, sweet strawberries and you have IT. Yes, IT, the thing you’ve been waiting for all your life. I ate two portions of angel food cake with balsamic at last nights supper club and skipped dinner. Okay, here’s a […]

Secret supper – the 1st garden party – Vancouver

The star of the evening was local BC BBQ Duck, parsnips and rhubarb in white wine, smoking cinnamon, deep fried salted fennel, raddichio marmalade. Ha-cha!

Strawberry Season – The Evil Strawberry

You thought they were so sweet and nice, but really they’re pure EVIL! Ingredients:Ripe Summer Strawberries400 grams Bitter Chocolate, ONLY Callebaut or another high quality brandOptional Port Directions:Take a little bit of love (the strawberries) and a little bit of pure, evil, dark chocolate from Callebaut. Dip the love in the evil. Serve to friends […]

Hunting for Oyster Mushrooms in Vancity…

I’ve been stumbling about the forest, lately, here are a handful of my tasty finds near Vancouver…Oyster Mushroom Log – Eureka! Red Leg Frog – Blue listed species, okayyyy… I won’t eat it. Anyone eaten any frogs in the wilds of Vancouver? I’ve eaten frogs legs before in Cambodia, they were delectable. Chanterelles! Good eats… […]