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Definitely not the Grocery Store – Deer Hunting 101 with Chef Robin

I am not a girlie-girl, but, honestly, shotguns scare the shit out of me. I got dressed up in my best plaid shirt today to venture out to get comfortable with guns. Shotguns and rifles are the only metal that I’m interested in, handguns are for weirdos and psychopaths (just joking, all you psychopaths out […]

Tuscan bread, dried black olives, heirloom tomatoes, barrata, balsamci!

Seems simple, and it is. It’s all about the quality of the ingredients. Venturi-Schulze aged balsamic (Vancouver Island), Portuguese olive oil(Bom Dia), barrata -unripe cows cheese (Bosa Foods), fire roasted bread(homemade), the best in season heirloom tomatoes from the Vancouver Farmers Market, oven dried black olives and the most fragrant basil leaves that you can […]