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Top 10 Cookbooks – Suggestions from a committed food nerd

My Top 10: Chef Robin’s collection of Cookbooks 2012

Top 10 Cookbooks - Suggestions from a committed food nerd

Snowshoe Feast Tour

Hot Apple Cider in the clear air of the North Shore Mountains, nothing is better. Come on a snowshoe feast with us Dec – March in BC

Snowshoe Feast Tour

Cocktail for a Rainy Day

Just what you need on a dreary Vancouver day to warm you up and get you giggling.

Cocktail for a Rainy Day

Augustus Caesar’s Sticky Toffee Pudding

This is a British dessert invented in 1907… but I’ve Italy-ified it with corriander and pistachio accents. A little Italy in Britain can’t be bad.

Augustus Caesar's Sticky Toffee Pudding

California Wine Roadtrip – Essentials…

Anyone going to California for some wine tasting soon? No? You’d be utterly insane not to. Here are some tips on where to go and how to bring it back to BC.

California Wine Roadtrip - Essentials...

Down the Rabbit Hole – a pop up restaurant

Nov 24th to Dec 18th 2011 Follow us down the rabbit hole to amazing food, wild performance in a mysterious underground space. Swallow Tail is joining up with the In the House Festival to conjure a restaurant & show out of nothing. It will live for one month only. Book the whole show just for […]

Chefs List – Top 5 Favourite Restaurants in Vancouver

Wonder which restaurants in Vancouver are closest to our local chefs hearts? I’ve polled a few friends in the field that I know, love, respect and fear slightly. Chefs are by nature pick-aparts, everything is critiqued. Join any chef at a restaurant table and they won’t be able to help themselves. It’s like itching a […]

Dirty food secret #1 – Do you like Kraft Dinner?

I know you’ve eaten it before! Come to confession all ye sinners. KD was invented in 1937 as a war ration staple to feed hungry soldiers cheaply at only 19 Cents! Fast forward to the 1980’s, my mom used to serve this bright orange madness as a treat, cause kids love the shit. As you […]