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Dirty food secret #1 – Do you like Kraft Dinner?

I know you’ve eaten it before! Come to confession all ye sinners. KD was invented in 1937 as a war ration staple to feed hungry soldiers cheaply at only 19 Cents! Fast forward to the 1980’s, my mom used to serve this bright orange madness as a treat, cause kids love the shit. As you […]

Salmon and Summer with In the House

The summer salmon run is almost over, so swallow tail will be cooking the last of the tasty little buggers on Sunday, Aug 21st at the latest In The House performance. If you don’t know about In The House, they take over private homes in Vancouver and put on these incredible performances collecting artists from […]

The Merits of Apples, Hops & Cheese in Quebec

Just got back from a trip to Quebec where I entreated the locals to suffer my butchered French. They were very kind and only gagged me once. Highlight of the trip: A culinary focused jaunt from Montreal to Quebec City with my lovely Francophone buddies, Marco & Eliane. We tasted at every cider house and […]

Chef Montri’s back to feed us… lucky souls

Back from Thailand this month, Chef Montri has some new recipes up his sleave… email us to reserve a spot at his next 5 course dinner on July 29th at the secret supper club.Only 4 seats left BYOB as usual, beer lovers, this is the perfect menu for you!

Symphony for the Senses – Sat. July 16th

La Stella Winery & Swallow Tail present…Join us for a summer evening of sensory delights. A six course wine pairing secret supper with Robin Braun of the VSO.Dine surrounded by spring flowers in one of our private Vancouver hideaways. Sight, sound, scent & taste will be explored. DetailsSix wine pairings from the fabulous La Stella […]


BBQ Spot Prawns with cilantro salt and green papaya salad at the supper club. Tip: Buy them at T&T; Market live if you want to save a buck $8.99/lb right now. It’s spot prawn season in Vancouver and they are bloody tasty. Last year, I made a video (link below) on how to properly prep […]

Midnight Garden – Crab Consomme

Yes, it’s blurry, damn it. Chef Chashma and I worked like dogs on the Midnight Garden 5 course secret supper, but all our pictures turned out blurry. Ah well, the food was good, so whateve’s. I just wanted to pass on this recipe for crab consomme, cause it’s so bloody tasty and looks like liquid […]

Dinner in a Midnight Garden – Vancouver, May 7

May 7th, 7:30pm Let us take you to dine way down underground, again, into a mystery artists studio somewhere in Vancouver. An evening of beauty awaits you, surrounded by landscape paintings, you’ll feel like you are in a Midnight Garden. Your chefs will paint you a culinary masterpiece to complete the experience. Dine on a […]

Lost and confused at the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival?

Recommendations from staff pourers are in…Here are some highlights from the festival from the sommeliers and pourers that know best. You have to try some sherry, please! Even if you think you don’t like it, because your grandma used to drink it. Dry to sweet, savoury to figgy, it’s the bomb. Go to the Sherry […]

Supper on the Lake, anyone?

Hi Everyone,Spring has sprung and I’m back from a long vacation. We’ve cooked up another unique escape from everyday dining for you on Saturday, April 16. Interested in eating somewhere with this kind of view? Chef Owen Lightly of Butter on the Endive and Araxi, Elixir, West, the Shangri-La, Gastropod & Voya Restaurant fame has […]