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Wine Tours with Swallow Tail Canada

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For the May-October season.  Running day trips into wine country from Vancouver.

Job Description: Friendly and outgoing guide wanted to take private groups out to the Fraser Valley wine region.  Basic wine knowledge and good driving skills are a must.

Credentials: Wine Level 1 preferred or higher ISG or WSET or other applicable wine skills (ie. work in a wine shop/vineyard etc.)
Personality – The guide must be very friendly, informative and comfortable speaking in groups.
Wine 101 Talk – At first winery – Demonstrate to the guests how to assess and appreciate wine;  Appearance, Nose, Palate, Wine descriptors, aeration etc. just a casual chat about the fundamentals of tasting wine.
Driving – Class 5 license, solid safe driving experienceGuide must feel comfortable with driving groups of 1-6 guests in a mini-van out to the Fraser Valley and back.  Good direction sense is an asset, you will be provided with a google map of the route and expected to stay on schedule from winery to winery.
Lunch – The guide will set out the lunch for the guests and discuss basic food and wine pairing techniques.

Pay Rate: $100+gratuity per tour.

Basic Itinerary:
  • Pick up minivan and lunch prior to tour start
  • 10:15am – Pick up guests in Vancouver with tour minivan. Introduce yourself and outline itinerary for the day.
  • 11am – First winery – Wine 101 talk and tasting
  • 12pm – Second winery – Tasting and lunch on the patio with wine 101 discussion
  • 1:30pm – Third winery – Tasting
  • 2:30pm – Fourth winery – Tasting and meet the vintner
  • 3:30pm – Depart for downtown
  • 4:30pm – Guest drop off 1150 Station Street
  • Drop off minivan
Shifts: Candidates would be on call, and we’d contact you to see if you were available anytime we have a tour booking.  It’s very flexible, we just call and see if you want to work.  Approx. 1-4 days a week, work as much as you like.




We’re always looking for inspired chefs that want to create their own fabulous meal for our Swallow Tail members group.  We need top chefs to create and cook multi-course menu’s at the underground supper club and for catering work for groups of 12-60 guests. Email us to pitch a spectacular culinary idea, we’ll do all the marketing, organization and provide the cooking, staff and venue space.
Credentials: Send your resume (
Shifts: Chefs will be contacted as catering clients book to see if they are available.  For members supper clubs, chefs can pick a date that works for them, we like at least a month notice to book an event.