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“Everything about the Swallow Tail Supper Club’s ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ event—from the performance art to the food—radiated playfulness and originality.” – Bob Blumer, Food Network

“Swallow Tail is quickly becoming one of Vancouver’s most inventive culinary companies, turning the concept of dining into truly memorable events.” – Lena Sin, The Province

 Listed in Top 10 Vancouver Food Trends.  “Vancouver has long been an epicentre of local eating, seasonal cooking, heirloom vegetables and heritage breeds. But a new tribe of hunter-gathering chefs is adopting the old-fashioned practices of foraging (Swallow Tail Supper Club’s Robin Kort)…” – Alexandra Gill, The Globe & Mail

“With a glass of wine in hand, I thoroughly enjoyed the iconic, unique, and historic venues that I had only previously read about.” – Rebecca Bollwitt, Miss604

“Secret Supper Soiree (Swallow Tail Event) is the master of surprise” – Elianna Lev, Inside Vancouver

“No longer a secret, the Swallow Tail Supper Club is well on its way to becoming Vancouver’s most eclectic, eccentric and electrifying supper club.” – Dianne Chow of Living Fabulously & Frugally in Vancouver

On our Alice in Wonderland event – “This is playful, experimental dining that challenges you to leave your…I want to say “adulthood”…at the door and plunge headlong down the rabbit hole in the most literal sense. My only concern that materialized towards the end of the evening was that my photos of the dinner were not even close to being worthy of what I ate (damn digital flash photography)… It is clear that Kort and her crew seem to thrive on the edge of mystery and experimentation.” – Kevin Broome, The Foodists

“The Swallow Tail Supper Club was founded by chef, sommelier and owner Robin Kort – a native Vancouverite and culinary mad scientist dedicated to creating underground, secret and totally bizarre one-time only dining events. Local foodies become members via e-mail and then the fun begins. From Tahitian tiki bars to prohibition speakeasys [sic], members of SwallowTail have experienced it all and still have no idea where and when the next one would pop-up. But, the most out there moment so far had to be what happened in November 2011 – it was the Alice in Wonderland inspired ‘Down the Rabbit Hole…’ Part Mad Hatter tea party, part performance art, dinner guests were greeted by Alice chasing the rabbit and led to a home where she continued to guide them through her story, while they dined on either a mini or full-sized main course. You see, all it took was a random draw and some where looking at an exact copy of their meal in miniature. Thankfully, no one went home hungry and everyone had an amazing story to tell.” – Aaron Broverman, WalletPop Canada

Swallow Tail Canada and Chef Robin were also featured in the following publications:

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