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Guest Chef – Kristine Kittrell

Join us at Swallow Tail on Sunday, August, 22nd, for a 5-course meal by Chef Kristine. The menu will feature B.C.’s best seasonal ingredients. Suggested wine pairings will be provided from around the globe by resident Chef Robin to compliment the affair. 

Kristine Kittrell was a traveler before she was a cook. 

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, she migrated to the Caribbean after college and discovered ceviche, jerk pork, and fried plantains (among other un-Canadian cuisines). After two years, she left to visit parts of the Mediterranean, Mexico, and South Asia, digesting the culinary culture at every stop. When she landed in Austin in 1997, Kristine began working at Jeffrey’s Restaurant. 

Today, despite her travels and her diplomas from the University of Western Ontario, the Texas Culinary Academy, and the Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School, Kristine believes her five years at Jeffrey’s were the best education of her life. “I learned how to turn an idea, a whim, really, into a beautiful plate of food that I could serve 200 times a night,” she said. Kristineleft Jeffrey’s in 2003 to found El Chile Café y Cantina. It was voted Top Ten New Restaurants in Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine. Two years later, she helped open that restaurant’s “little brother,” El Chilito.

Since leaving El Chile in 2009, Kristine spent time studying at Comerc 24 in Barcelona, Spain. Most recently she has started a supper club and catering company in Austin, Texas called The Moveable Feast. She continues to broaden her horizons and is currently studying baking under various pastry chefs in Austin, Texas and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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