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Edible medicinal plants – Online course

This virtual foray teaches you how to SAFELY identify wild medicinal plants and how to make them into beautiful medicines.
Join us for 2 hours with aboriginal herbalist, Lori Snyder, in her garden covering edible medicinal plants both native and invasive. Learn how to identify, care for and prepare these powerful plants into simple medicines like bitters, vinegar tinctures, teas and balms. She covers 10 powerful, common medicinal plants and their uses from calendula to yarrow. In this medicinal plant course, she will cover which parts of each plant to use for healing and which to leave for the bees.  


You’ll have 1-Year online access to this video series. Lori Snyder will be available by email to answer any of your questions by email. The great thing about these videos is you can have them on your phone to refer to whenever you’re foraging. It’s like she’s in your jacket pocket:)

Meet your herbalist instructor, Lori Snyder:

Where you might see weeds and wilds, I see tasty edibles and
traditional medicines. I invite you to open your eyes and quietly follow
me through my medicinal garden to learn about these amazing healing
wild plants. I am a Métis herbalist educator and would love to share my
lifetime of medicinal plant knowledge with you.

Lori Snyder’s lineage blends from the Tsuu T’ina, Ojibway, Nipissing, Cree and Assiniboine Nations. For the past 25 years, Lori has been teaching, studying and researching wild plant medicines, having completed intensive two year Practical Herbalist Training in 2006. Combining a First Nations perspective and European herbal traditions, Lori’s vision is to create native, edible and medicinal food forests throughout our urban landscape.

Teachables is hosting our course so the user experience is top notch. Start learning now…

yarrow tincture

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