What our guests have to say…

Vancouver Wine Tour

Vancouver Wine Tour

Snowshoe Feast Trip... “The tour was great.  The food was delicious.  We enjoyed ourselves so much that we stayed on the mountain for an extra 2 hours!” – Lucia Leblanc

Okanagan Wine Festival Trip… “This was a trip that far exceeded my expectations! Biking the beautiful KVR all day, working up an appetite and then coming back to the magnificent farmhouse to be met with an impeccably thought out, exquisite three course meal paired with the perfect wines. I’m no wine connaisseur, but I know when something is delicious!” – Kim Hardy

Harrison Hot Springs Food Tour... “The food was spectacular; it was really interesting to try all the native ingredients. To have them paired so well with BC wines was a learning experience I can take home with me.”  – Tammy Gay, Librarian

Okanagan Wine Festival Trip – “Thanks for a wonderful weekend.  You provided us with absolutely delicious meals and very, very good company.  We really appreciated your extensive knowledge of the local wines and wineries and the whole area in general.” – Priscilla Pooler

Vancouver Island Culinary Tour… “I had always enjoyed wine before, but Swallow Tail Tours opened up my knowledge and appreciation of wine and took it to a whole new level. I had no idea of the taste sensations awaiting me with the right food and wine paring. I feel I finally understand what wine is for, to enhance the pleasure of the flavours for food to there full potential. Robin, the owner of Swallow Tail Tours, was a wonderful teacher and guide to the new world of wine pairings. Her skilful palate and expertise in proper pairings had not only enhanced the experience of food on the tour, but they are skills that I use and enjoy in my everyday cooking.”  – Heidi Sidhu, Teacher,