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Foraging for Survival

We’re creating a virtual foraging trip for all of you that are interested in how to survive on the Pacific Northwest coast.

It’s a zoo in the grocery stores, so it’s important that people be respectful foragers inside and outside, not take more than they need and learn about alternative ways to sustain yourself. This will be a fun way to learn some useful food foraging survival tips in case of emergency. 

Virtual Foraging Trip
2 hours online with foraging expert Robin Kort
You’ll learn how to find food in a pinch and where to safely forage on the coast.  I’ll show you how to find sustainable edible wild weeds, nutrient rich plants for survival and beach forage superfoods like seaweeds and shellfish.  We’ll cover any plants you should avoid and simple cooking methods for the food you find in this 2 hour video collection.  I’ve been teaching foraging classes for over a decade in BC and would love to share my knowledge with you.

Virtual Trip Details:

Virtual foraging

Were partnering with Teachables to host the videos, watch them anytime.  I will be available by email to answer any questions.  The great thing about these videos is you can have them on your phone to refer to whenever you’re foraging.  It’s like I’m in your jacket pocket:)

Note that you are not allowed to harvest from BC parks

Reviews: What a fun adventure! I’m really glad I watched these. I felt like I was outside, sensorially awake, breathing in the air with Robin, while discovering so much about all the amazingly vast array of natural edibles we have around us on the west coast. I especially enjoyed the seaweed part – can’t wait to try the bullkelp – Angela Fama

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