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What is a Pop-up Restaurant?

These are “flash in the pan” culinary moments.  We’re here today, you come, eat and drink with us.  Poof!  We’re gone.

A pop-up is a one of a kind dining experience, featuring secret locations, star chefs, experimental concepts and fascinating mixologists or winemakers.  People call them underground dining events, secret supper clubs or guerrilla dining.  Usually, open for a few days only.  Our creative team brainstorms new culinary experiences every year that immerse the guest in grand food and our weird, wonderful brains.Secret Supper Soiree 2012

You could be dining in an underground Vancouver winery, chasing the white rabbit to a hidden dinner party or sipping tiki cocktails in an indoor jungle in winter.

This is where wild food meets art, a new creature is created.  There is nothing like it.  To have our team create a custom culinary event for you, just contact us at